Mark Gonsalves

Mark Gonsalves began his career in helping business owners and entrepreneurs as a franchise owner with Tony Robbins and serving on the advisory board of Anthony Robbins & Associates after serving his country in active duty as a commissioned officer with the US Army Special Forces.

Mark has successfully owned, invested in, and operated several businesses with a focus on real estate and wine & spirits. Mark is a seminar marketing expert with extensive experience developing and launching multimillion dollar ventures for a variety of nationwide businesses and celebrity brands such as Daymond John from Shark Tank and his Launch Academy and the Sopranos Wine Brand with HBO.

Mark received his bachelor’s degree from the Virginia Military Institute and now manages a hedge fund helping Amazon Businesses. He lives in New York with his wife, Maria, and enjoys his annual pilgrimage to the island of Patmos where they have family.

Ed Schwartz

“A highly respected litigation and trial attorney in Southern California, Ed has achieved notable success in his profession and has been recognized as a peer-reviewed Super Lawyer Rising Star in San Diego and Southern California since 2018.

Ed joined the NanoTest Nation in November 2020, “Because I threw my back out putting on underwear. So, I knew in that moment things needed to change!” Since then he’s completed three 6-Week Challenges, he puts up motivating content, he started a Clubhouse room for the NanoTest Nation, and he increased his T-level from the mid-600s to over 900! More importantly, he sleeps better and has the energy he needs to serve his clients.

“My only regret about NanoTest is that it wasn’t available in 2010 when, at the age of 40, I decided to leave my six-figure job in the auto industry and go to law school. It is a much better solution than energy drinks and ibuprofen!”

Ed Schwartz