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Frequently Asked Questions

Are There Any Negative Side Effects From Taking NanoTest?

Nope! As of right now, we have not heard about any negative side effects from taking NanoTest

What Positive Side Effects Can I Expect From Taking NanoTest?
  • Testosterone Increase
  • Increase in sleep quality
  • Increase in energy
  • More mental clarity
  • Bedroom Performance 
  • Increase in lean muscle mass
  • Fat loss
Should I Continue With Other Supplements While On NanoTest?

Yes! This is a testosterone boosting supplement. It doesn’t have a crossover role in other supplements you might be taking for other ailments or conditions.

Will There Be Any Effect On My Gut Health?

Absolutely, and in a good way! Increasing testosterone will have a profound effect on your gut health. An increase in testosterone has been shown to help gut health, due to the increase in mental clarity. When your brain can talk to the gut more clearly and vice versa, your gut health increases!

Do You Recommend Cycling This Product?

Yes, we recommend 8 weeks on NanoTest and 2 Weeks off.

Why? Because we want your testosterone levels to increase, naturally. Testosterone production is mediated by signals from the brain, and testosterone in the body actually has a negative feedback loop. Meaning the more testosterone there is, the more it signals to the brain to slow natural testosterone levels.

Cycling the product keep that feedback loop in tact, and will allow your body to continue producing testosterone levels, naturally.

Is There Any Dosage Adjustment Based On Weight?

We designed this product for ease of use, so we kept it one size fits all. If you are heavier, you can tweak it up a little bit.

We designed this product for ease of use, so we kept it one size fits all. If you are heavier, you can tweak it up a little bit.

If you cycle the product the way we told you too, there will be no rebound effect or withdraw at all.

When Should I Take NanoTest?

You can take the product anytime throughout the day, but we have seen that taking the product in the evening will help your sleep.

Is There A Money Back Guarantee?

Yes! We offer a 30 day money back guarantee, so if you get NanoTest and you’re not satisfied, email support@nanotest.co and you’ll get a refund!

How Do We Pay For This?
Can I still take NanoTest if I’m on TRT? And if so, should I immediately switch from TRT to NanoTest?

Yes, you can still take NanoTest while you are on TRT, and the ideal way to get off TRT and start using only NanoTest is to slowly lower the dose of your TRT on a weekly basis as you start to take NanoTest. That way, your body will start to produce natural testosterone with NanoTest, but since your body is accustomed to TRT, we don’t want to go completely cold turkey immediately, since that can affect the body in a negative way. 

Email: support@nanotest.co for further questions!