NanoTest: The Most Advanced Natural Testosterone Booster

The ingredients in NanoTest are nanotized, which means that they are a smaller molecular structure that allows for deeper penetration for higher bioavailability and more immediate onset.

Testosterone increases the levels of your growth hormone, which makes exercise more likely to build lean muscle, which in turn, can help you shed off body fat. Increasing your testosterone levels will also help you get rid of low libido, improve your quality of sleep, and can even help increase your bone density.

NanoTest was created to help your body naturally optimize itself and start producing testosterone levels on its own.


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Features & Benefits

Energy & Focus


Strength & Muscle Gain


Why NanoTest Is The Perfect Choice

Nanotized Ingredients

Smaller molecular structure for deeper penetration & more immediate effects

Physician Formulated

Created & tested by medical professionals in order for it to be the best & safest natural testosterone booster possible

Proprietary Muscle Boosting Technology

Helps your body increase and sustain lean muscle mass

Superior Mixability

Ready to be mixed into any beverage such as juice, smoothies, & protein shakes

Non-GMO, Vegan Friendly, & Gluten Free

Formulated specifically & uniquely for any lifestyle and diet that you may have

Your Daily Dose of B-Vitamins

B vitamins help the body convert food into energy (metabolism), create new blood cells, & maintain healthy skin and brain cells

Ingredients & Nutrition

How To Take NanoTest

What Other Men Are Saying About NanoTest

What Other Men Are Saying About NanoTest

I have been taking NanoTest for several months, and absolutely love this product. Key take always
1. I take it before bedtime and I get a much better well rested night of sleep.
2. I have sustained energy throughout the day.
3. More mental clarity, which leads me to a more productive work day.
4. The only supplement that comes with a coach & support group.
5. When you follow the 5 principle program, you will gain that new found youth you have been missing.

Rick Kirkegaard

I took this product for 6 weeks while following the program and lost 35 lbs and saw my testosterone go from less than 500 to over 1200. Mental clarity and good sleep also. I highly recommend this product.

Dave Phaneuf

I’ve been using NanoTest since Nov. 2020 and I love it. I tracked my T levels and I’ve gone from mid-600s to over 900 naturally. And my free T is in the high 70s. I also track my sleep with the Oura ring and have seen my deep sleep increase considerably. I highly recommend this product and the 5-Principles program.

Edwin Schwartz

Nanotest has been a game changer for me. Not only has it given me the energy to finish my workouts, it has also given me better focus and clarity of mind. When fasting nanotest has also curved my cravings to eat, you can definatley feel its effects. Nanotest has also given me ??? in the bedroom which is a huge plus, it comes in a cool looking can also. I recommend nanotest to all who want to up their game where you feel you are lacking in your performance and health.

Juan vasquez

This stuff works! If you need a supplement (every man over 50 does) this is it and it comes with a coach.
5 life principles to help guide your life and a zoom call with some amazing speakers and a group support!
It’s not just a quick fix for 6 weeks it could change the rest of your life!

Mark Unger

I was skeptical at first whether NanoTest would work or not so I did a free testosterone test through Everlywell mail in test. My initial results were 69.4 before taking NanoTest. After only 6 weeks, and I wasn’t even doing the 2 heaping scoops my free testosterone went up to 125.4. I am definitely happy with NanoTest. Clark’s wealth of information for fitness is amazing as well.

Robby Shuff

Nano test is the best supplement out there. It not only gives me increased energy, I feel like I’m lifting heavier and never have slept better – Highly recommend it!

Keith Richards

Can’t stand the taste. Makes me almost gag. What are you mixing it with? Tried water. Gaterade
,juice. Nothing helps. Unless I can figure out what or how I would not recommend this product. Sorry!

Bruce Davidson

I been using this product since February 2021 and I only have positive things to say regarding Nano test:
-My energy level is to the roof
-My focus and clarity of my mind is exceptional
-No problem in the bedroom
-Strength level is incredible
-I sleep like a bull
-Weight went from 231 to 204 lbs, I had shed of the extra pounds and increased my muscle size.
Obviously, it is natural to be skeptical about anything you buy on the Internet. By God grace, I stumbled on the NANO TEST PERFORMANCE SYSTEM FOR MEN group in FB, created by Clark Bartram…I thought I was joining a fitness program, but what I really joined was a brotherhood…

Rick Magasrevy

NanoTest Is The Future of Men's Health

Most Advanced Natural Testosterone Supplement In USA

NanoTest is an all natural supplement that helps your body increase it's natural testosterone baseline levels - meaning it will help your body create it's own testosterone, even when you're not taking NanoTest.

By taking NanoTest, you're not just increasing your testosterone levels

You're improving your entire lifestyle


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